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UltraProlink-UM0087 Headest Car Mount

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  • UltraProlink-UM0087 Headest Car Mount
  • Product Code: UM0087 Car Mount
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Availability: In Stock

If you have ever been travelling in a back of a car and felt the need to enjoy some media on your phone but couldnât because of the bumpy ride, this Headrest Mount is for you. What we have basically done is taken the stress of out handling your phone in transit and made it not just convenient but fun too. The convenience of using your phone in a hands-free mode while not suffering from motion sickness in the same vein is guaranteed with this unit. It sits perfectly at the recommended eye level ensuring that the forward bending of the head will not cause motion sickness.No matter what car you are in, you will be able to mount this unit to the headrest section and enjoy your content on the go.Your device safety is our utmost concern too. That is why we have introduced foam paddings to better guard your phone against shocks from the car hitting bumps and potholes. We have also included a double-locking system in the headrest to protect against phone slipping from car impacts on bumpy roads.Our Headrest Mount allows you let your kids share the same phone without having to fight over the screen. Now Drive Stress free & keep your kids busy in the back seat.Increase the comfort of using the Headrest Mount by adjusting your phone to your line of sight with the 360-degreee mount. Friendly to both horizontal as well as vertical orientations, choose from a variety of viewing angles. The Holder can accommodate different phone sizes.

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